3 easy steps for fuss-free ordering

Step 1: Ordering and paying*

Start by completing the Test Requisition Form (TRF) online. You may also download the TRF and fill it up offline. Be sure to obtain your patient's consent before ordering a test.

Whether you're ordering online or offline, you will have the options to pay easily and securely via:

  • PayPal
  • Invoicing your institution^
  • Your preferred Roche Distributor

Available payment options are dependent on your region and institution. Please contact Customer Services to find out more.

Step 2: Sending forms and specimen*

After paying, forward the completed TRF to your pathologist who will send us the test specimen, pathology report and relevant documents as per the shipping guidelines. If you're sending on your own, please follow the same procedure.

Remember: each TRF is unique for each patient.

Step 3: Accessing test result

You will receive an email from Foundation Medicine with a link to the online report once the test is completed. We will also follow up with you should you have any questions regarding the test result.

* For our customers in Hong Kong, please take note that you will be required to complete the TRF form online. After completion, your selected distributor will arrange to collect the forms, specimen and payment.

^ For direct customers of Foundation Medicine only.

For more information, please refer to the tests and payment details or contact our APAC Customer Services at +65 6880 5399.